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Which of the following is NOT true regarding systemic racism?

True or False. Social norms, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors are affected by race.

In Beverly Tatum’s Conveyer Belt of Racism, what action is described as running against the motion of a moving walkway?

Which of the following are TRUE of the research regarding kids and race?

A child’s understanding of race is connected to their _______________. It is not only as sense of “me-ness,” but a sense of “we-ness.”

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  • Bias
    the belief that some people or ideas are better than others, usually resulting in unfair treatment
    Biological race
    physical racial features such as skin color, hair textures, and facial features
    Explicit racism/bias
    racism that is plainly expressed through words and or actions
    Implicit racism/bias
    racism that hides in our unconscious biases and gets expressed in our actions
    the beliefs and practices that uphold and reinforce inequalities based on race
    Social identity
    a person’s sense of self that is based on group membership
    Social race
    The social norms, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that accompany racial groups
    Systemic racism
    policies, practices, and laws that reinforce social inequalities by discriminating against groups of people, either directly or indirectly, and limiting their rights