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The sensitive period, or best time to learn language sounds, is during the _____________.

True or False. Children across cultures and languages follow the same general language learning pattern. First, they make vowel-like sounds, then consonants. Next come syllables, then words and lastly sentences.

When a child calls a variety of four-legged, furry animals a “doggie”, this is an example of ________________.

True or False. All children show a clear vocabulary spurt during their second year of life.

True or False. The best predictor of children’s language growth is the quality and quantity of language a child hears.

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  • Back-and-forth or contingent interactions
    exchanges where a caregiver times her responses to a child’s behavior
    Canonical babbling
    producing the same consonant and vowel over and over, such as dadada
    Infant-directed speech
    a special tone and style of speech used to talk to young children. It’s also called parentese
    Joint attention
    shared attention between social partners to an object or event
    using a word to describe more object categories than it actually represents
    failing to extend a word to other objects in the same category
    Vocabulary spurt
    rapid growth in word learning