Causes in the Real World

As adults, we often take for granted the cause-and-effect knowledge that we’ve been taught through our lives. Every day, we use that knowledge to make things happen around us. Starting in very early childhood, infants and toddlers are already trying to learn how to make things happen on their own. To teach children about cause-and-effect, there is no need for special tools or toys. Lessons about cause-and-effect at home or in the classroom can and do happen all the time. In early childhood, there are many ways to introduce infants and toddlers to causality. You can hand children various household objects to explore. Or just let them watch your daily activities, like cooking, building, or fixing. These are all important ways that children learn about cause-and-effect.

  • Intervention
    an action taken on something with the goal of bringing about an effect
    Spatial contact
    when two or more objects touch each other