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Which of the following factors determine our dominant language?

True or False. Anyone can improve their cognitive flexibility with practice.

A _______________ is a time in development when the brain is especially ready to learn a specific skill.

True or False. Bilingual and monolingual children develop language at the same pace. When we measure a bilingual child’s vocabulary in both of their languages, their vocabulary growth is the same as a monolingual child’s.

True or False. When a bilingual child uses two languages in one sentence (code mixing), it means that they have a language delay or are confused and unable to distinguish between the two languages.

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  • Bilingual
    a person who knows and uses two languages
    Code mixing
    mixing words from different languages in the same sentence or situation
    Cognitive flexibility
    the ability to quickly switch between different concepts or rules
    Dominant language
    is the language a bilingual is most skilled at understanding and/or speaking
    Executive function
    a set of mental abilities that help us plan, focus attention, problem solve, and switch between tasks
    Language transfer
    applying the knowledge from one language to another language
    a person who knows and uses a single language
    Simultaneous bilingualism
    a person learns two or more languages from birth
    Sequential bilingualism
    a person first learns one language then learns one or more languages later