Video Library

The I-LABS video collection showcases a curated selection of animated shorts, experts chatting about science, and tips for at-home activities. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Tiếng Việt

Parenting Tips for Language Development

In this nine-video series, take a peek at how babies go from babbling to telling complex stories. Hear I-LABS co-director Dr. Patricia Kuhl describe children’s language skills at various ages, including what’s going on in their brain, how caregivers can support language growth, and upcoming language milestones.

Parentese in the Early Years

Parentese is a sing-song style of speech that naturally captures babies’ attention and supports learning. This series explains the benefits of using parentese at different ages. The videos provide quick tips to engage children in high-quality language interactions.

This video series was created for Bright by Text.


Learning and the Social Brain

Humans are social from birth. This series features I-LABS co-director Dr. Patricia Kuhl and explores the ways social interactions affect learning. Discover how our social brains interact with learning environments and how this impacts everything from individual identities to classroom design.

This video series was created for Edutopia.


I-LABS Animated Shorts

These short, animated videos are a lighthearted exploration of some of I-LABS latest research. From cooperation to STEM learning, learn how adults can support children’s interactions with the world around them.