The Latest Research

From brain development to relationships, I-LABS research explores the many dimensions of human learning. Our interdisciplinary work brings together scientists and educators. Together we share a common goal of helping all children thrive.

Brain Development

Early brain development sets the stage for a lifetime of learning. At I-LABS, our brain imaging center gives us a front row seat. We are able to see first-hand how our earliest experiences shape this process. From the power of social interactions, to the sense of touch, our work reveals how the brain grows and learns.

Social and Emotional Development

We live in a social world. I-LABS research shows how early interactions shape children’s social and emotional development. Our work has revealed how young children use imitation and social cues to build relationships and learn about the world.

Language Development

Language learning begins before birth. At I-LABS, our work highlights how social, back-and-forth exchanges build language. We have explored topics ranging from vocabulary growth to the bilingual brain.

Cognitive Development

Children are born scientists. They are always trying to figure out how the world works. Our research shows how complex children’s cognitive skills are. We have examined how children solve problems and create through play.