Partnering with the Community

In addition to our own resources, I-LABS partners with organizations nationwide to bring the latest research to life. Together we work to bridge the gap between research and practice.

Keynotes, Workshops & Trainings

I-LABS collaborates with organizations and communities to provide professional development to audiences nationwide. We tailor our content to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Highlight: We regularly support the National Council State Legislatures’ early education team. From the Early Learning Fellows program to state legislative events, we communicate brain science and serve as a resource to policymakers around the country.

Read more about some trainings we support:

Federal Partnerships

We support the work of the Office of Head Start through the National Resource Centers. Our trainings and resources facilitate the integration of research-based practices in the Head Start community.

Highlight: We developed the Research on the Go podcast as part of the National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning. In each episode, we discuss a specific topic and offer practical tips for early learning professionals.

Explore some of our collaborative projects:

Community Initiatives

We work with community-based organizations to build knowledge in and with communities. Through these collaborative projects we create shared knowledge.

Highlight: The GLEA Baby Academy provides wraparound services to families in south King County, including home visits and a parent education course. We lead a Child Development and a Brain Development session for each cohort.

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Science doesn’t just happen in the lab!  We work with museums to engage children and families in the science of child development. Here are some of our past and current partners.

Highlight: I-LABS researchers have a dedicated space at Pacific Science Center to collect data and engage visitors with the latest results. In addition, I-LABS outreach regularly supports science fairs and other public events that showcase science in action.

Read more about our museum partners: 

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Course Development

We partner with organizations to build courses for credit and certification. Our courses are designed for adult learners as they deepen their professional knowledge.

Highlight: We created a course on child development for the EarlyEdU Alliance. The college-level course focuses on developmental trajectories for children from birth to age five and incorporates the latest research on early learning.

Read about other courses we developed: