The Importance of Early Interactions


  • Amelia Bachleda, PhD
  • Naja Ferjan Ramirez, PhD
  • Jane Hu, PhD
  • Lindsay Klarman, MNPL, NIC-A
  • Gina Lebedeva, PhD, SLP-CF
  • Hannah Lidman, MPA
  • Sarah Roseberry Lytle, PhD
  • Lily Shafer
  • Elizabeth Zack, PhD
  • Patricia K. Kuhl, PhD
  • Andrew N. Meltzoff, PhD
  • Back-and-forth or contingent interactions
    exchanges in which a caregiver times her responses to a child’s behavior
    observing then reproducing, or copying, a behavior
    Infant-directed speech
    a special tone and style of speech used to talk to young children. It’s also called parentese.
    the support a caregiver provides a child to help her achieve more than she would be able to accomplish on her own