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True or False. Infants typically develop an attachment relationship with at least one primary caregiver by the end of their first year of life.

Which of the following is not one of the four main features of an attachment bond?

True or False. The quality of attachment relationships is the same between a child and different caregivers.

The stability of an attachment relationship depends on which of the following?

True or False. Attachment relationships during infancy can have lasting effects on children’s development. But attachment quality can improve with the help of more supportive and responsive caregiving.

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  • Attachment
    the lasting emotional bond that forms between infants and their primary caregivers
    Proximity maintenance
    a child stays close to an attachment figure for comfort and protection
    Safe haven
    an attachment figure provides comfort and safety when a child feels unsure
    Secure base
    an attachment figure’s presence gives a child the confidence to explore her environment
    Separation distress
    a child experiences stress or anxiety when an attachment figure leaves