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True or False. Genetic factors help determine our temperament, but environment and experiences also play a role in shaping our temperament.

Which of the following is NOT a dimension of temperament?

Our personality includes which of the following?

We cannot choose a child’s temperament, but we can change our expectations and how we respond to meet the needs of the child. This is called _____________.

True or False. Temperament becomes more stable and predictable during the teenage years.

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  • Anterior cingulate cortex
    part of the brain that helps control emotional impulses
    more or less of a behavior
    Goodness of fit
    occurs when your expectations are compatible with a child’s temperament
    Negative reactivity
    a tendency to react in a negative manner
    Positive reactivity
    a tendency to react in a positive manner
    Prefrontal cortex
    the decision-making area of the brain
    a child’s ability to concentrate, to manage emotions, and to control impulses
    how a person approaches the world