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True or False. Young children’s ability to follow another person’s gaze is not related to other developmental outcomes, like language development.

True or False. Around 12 months of age, children recognize the importance of other watching people’s eyes and begin gaze following.

_________________ is sharing attention between objects and other people.

How well young children follow eye gaze is associated with their later ability to understand what another person is thinking. This ability it called ______________.

True or False. All children use eye gaze to make social connections.

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  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    a developmental disorder that impairs a child’s social and communication skills
    Directing attention
    using eye gaze or a gesture to direct another person’s attention to an object or event
    Following attention
    following another person’s eye gaze or gesture
    Gaze following
    looking at what another person is looking at
    Joint attention
    shared attention between social partners to an object or event