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True or False. Babies are not born ready to make a social and emotional connection with us.

The ability to apply something learned in one situation to a new situation is called ___________.

Which of the following statements about imitation is not true? Imitation is an important learning tool for children because it

True or False. With age and experience, children become better at deferred imitation and generalization.

__________ is the ability to recognize that other people have thoughts, emotions, wants, and hopes that are different from one’s own.

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  • Control group
    a group in a study who does not receive the treatment. The group serves as a comparison for the experimental group.
    Deferred imitation
    reproducing a behavior after a delay from its initial demonstration
    Electroencephalography (EEG)
    a method used to measure electrical activity in the brain
    the ability to apply something learned in one situation to a new situation
    observing then reproducing, or copying, a behavior
    Mirror neurons
    a type of brain cell. Mirror neurons respond when an animal produces an action and when they observe another animal produce the same action.
    Theory of mind
    the awareness that other people can have different thoughts and feelings from one’s own
    Trial-and-error learning
    trying different actions until you perform the right one