I-LABS has created a library of free online training modules. These resources offer a space for the early learning community to engage with the latest science of child development. Modules present cutting-edge research in a way that is relevant, accessible, and useable. 

Each module takes 20-25 minutes to complete, and discusses a specific topic in child development. Topics range from brain development, to children’s imitation and language learning. Modules provide context and background to help users build a deeper understanding of early learning. This knowledge can support everyday interactions with children and inform programs and polices. 

To view the modules, register for a free account with your name and email address. 

Module 1

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Introduction to I-LABS

Module 2

Thoughtful biracial mix of Hispanic and African American infant lying down on yellowish colored blanket

Why the First 2,000 Days Matter: A Look Inside the Brain

Module 3


The Importance of Early Interactions

Module 4

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The Power of Learning through Imitation

Module 5

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Understanding Emotions

Module 6

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Language Development: Learning the Sounds of Language

Module 7

Happy mom dad and young daughter

Development of Attachment

Module 8

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Attachment In Practice

Module 9

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Sharing Attention During Early Childhood

Module 10

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Language Development: From Listening to Speaking

Module 11

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Bilingual Language Development

Module 12

Two twin Asian baby girls, Chinese infants with different expressions and moods. One is happy and cheerful, the other sad and crying. They are between 0-6 months old and wear matching dresses as they look up at the camera. A cute portrait of beautiful sisters showing childhood contrasts and togetherness.