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Which of the following is not one of the six universal emotions recognized across cultures?

True or False. Young children are unable to learn about the emotional states of others from watching and listening to interactions they are not directly involved in.

Which of the following social cues do we use to understand and communicate emotions?

True or False. Social referencing refers to a child actively looking to an adult for information about how to respond in an uncertain situation.

Paying attention, following directions, managing emotions and controlling impulses are all examples of ____________ skills.

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  • Dyadic interaction
    a back-and-forth exchange between caregiver and child
    the ability to control our behaviors, emotions, and impulses
    Social emotional development
    learning to express and manage emotions and form positive relationships
    Social referencing
    looking to an adult for emotional information in an uncertain situation
    Triadic interaction
    a back-and-forth exchange between caregiver, child, and object