Surround Your Family with Diversity

Surround yourself with diverse people, cultures, stories, and media. Participate in social and educational events around your city. Look for events that include people from a variety of races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Even if you never make a racist comment, kids will notice if they never see you hang out with people of different races.

Celebrate your culture and the cultures of others with your children. Most public cultural celebrations do not require participants to be members of a certain group. People love sharing their knowledge and traditions with other people. So join in on the fun!

Provide diverse options of books, movies, music, and other media. Make a conscious effort to include these materials at home, in a classroom or at work. Children will see main characters of various races. Or be able to read about the history of people different from their own. And by doing so, children will develop more positive images about all people.

But this isn’t a simple task – it is one that takes effort. Only about 10% of children’s books contain multicultural content. You can find book recommendations at the end of this module.