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Welcome to your Module 21 Knowledge Check.

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Spatial awareness includes understanding ____________.

True or False. Early spatial play supports the development of spatial and general math skills.

Which of the following statements is false?

How can adults support the development of spatial skills and reasoning in young children?

True or False. Spatial skills and reasoning cannot be improved with experience and training.

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  • Direction and movement
    refers to the path along which a person or object moves
    Shape awareness
    is the ability to recognize and identify shapes
    Space and position
    refers to the relationship between objects
    Spatial awareness
    includes understanding shape, size, space, position, direction, and movement
    Spatial language
    refers to words that describe the location of objects in space
    Spatial thinking
    is a set of mental skills that we use to reason about the shape, size, position, direction, and movement of objects