Knowledge Check

Welcome to your Module 17 Knowledge Check.

You need to answer 4 out of 5 questions correctly to receive a certificate. You can retake the quiz twice. 

Learning to read takes lots and lots of practice. Evidence shows that _________ is the best method to help children learn to read.

True or False. Teaching children to read benefits all areas of their life, including their educational, societal, and civic development.

Which of the following elements does explicit instruction involve?

True or False. When a child shows signs of struggling with reading, it’s best to see if they will grow out of it.

Which of the following are NOT true about effective intervention programs?

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  • Dyslexia
    a learning disability characterized by poor spelling and difficulties with word recognition and word decoding. It is unrelated to intelligence, motivation, or school experience
    Explicit instruction
    systematic and direct teaching that takes into account students’ prior knowledge
    Phonics-based reading instruction
    teaching focused on how letters represent sounds and how words can be sounded out by knowing letter-sound correspondences
    the brain’s ability to change as a result of experience